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About "Collapan"

Osteoplastic biocomposites “Collapan” is used for the reconstruction of bone tissue, prevention, and treatment of suppurative complications. It is completely replaced by newly formed bone tissue, preserves an antimicrobial activity in the wound through a prolonged secretion of an antimicrobial agent within 20 days*.

Osteoplastic biocomposites “Collapan” are used for the reconstruction of bone tissue, prevention and treatment of suppurative complications in maxillofacial surgery in periodontology, dental implantation and endodontia, open and closed curettage.

The composition of the material
Synthetic hydroxyapatit, collagen and antimicrobial agent (lincomycin hydrochloride, colloidal silver, gentamicin sulfate, metronidazole, claforan, rifampicin, dioxidine)

– Completely replaced by bone tissue without forming a fibrous layer.
– Actively stimulates osteogenesis.
– Significantly enhances the reparative processes in the damaged tissues.
– Promotes rapid healing and restoration of bone structure.
– Has anti-inflammatory action.
– Creates an antimicrobial environment in the wound through a prolonged selection
of an antimicrobial agent within 20 days*.

Pharmaceutical form and presentation:





Types of “Collapan”:
Collapan -S  contains colloidal silver
Collapan - L contains lincomycin hydrochloride
Collapan - M contains metronidazole
Collapan - G contains gentamicin sulfate
Collapan - Cl contains claforan
Collapan - R contains rifampicin
Collapan - D contains dioxidine
Collapan - O does not contain antibacterial agent

The choice of material depends on the causative agent of the disease.
The presence of antimicrobial agent of different spectrum helps to choose the type of “Collapan” corresponding to the causative agent of the disease, which greatly increases the effectiveness of treatment.

Stogare conditions
– Medical products “Collapan-Plate”,”Collapan-Membranes” and “Collapan-Granules” shall be stored in their original packaging in a dark place at a temperature of +5°C to +30°C 5 years from the date of sterilization subject to observance of storage and transportation requirements
– Medical products “Collapan-Gel” shall be stored in their original packaging in a dark place at a temperature of +5°C to +15°C 2 years from the date of sterilization subject to observance of storage and transportation requirements.

The “Collapan” material does not cause rejection, suppuration, or allergic reactions. Contradiction to application is idiosyncrasy of antimicrobial agent which is a forming part of the material.